Yon-Ka for Men - Under Eye Gel


Yon-Ka for Men Under Eye Gel

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Yon-Ka For Men Under Eye Gel 15 ml £39.00This 4-in-1 fresh eye gel visibly reduces dark circles and bags, energises the eyes, and smooths and tones eyelids with draining arnica and cypress nut polyphenols, and regenerating beech tree buds.
Fatigue will disappear and eyes will be energised thanks to the 100% natural fragrance with refreshing notes of peppermint.

91% of natural ingredients Paraben free
Arnica, cypress nut and Solomon's seal, rich in polyphenols
Essential oils of roman chamomile and peppermint

Day & Night
Morning and evening on the eyes contour after cleansing.
Can be used as a mask (5 min.) to fight fatigue. Instant effect guaranteed.

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