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YonKa Masque 105

Yon-Ka Glyconight 10%

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Yon-Ka Masque Glyconight 10% Anti-aging - New skin appearance 50 ml £70.00
GLYCONIGHT 10% MASK, the clean peel that gives skin new life.
This night mask peel with 10% pure glycolic acid has proven triple effectiveness: anti-aging, new skin effect, radiance.
It can be used as a radiance boost, flash or intensive treatment. The results are visible from the first waking up, and are reinforced with each application!

Formulation prowess: clean and vegan formula with 10% pure glycolic acid
Proven, visible, triple-action effectiveness: anti-aging, new skin appearance, radiance
Triple use: radiance boost, flash cure, intensive cure
Intergenerational, mixed, suitable for all skin types

Glyconight 10


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