Yon-Ka masks - Clay mask dry skin

YonKa Masque 105

Yon-Ka Masque 105

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Yon-Ka Masque 105 Purifying Clay Mask Normal to Dry skin 100 ml £41.00The 3 clays detoxifying mask.

This Mask 105 for dry skin, with essential oils and three detoxifying clays, purifies the skin, shrinks pores, and brightens your complexion. It has a lower concentration of essential oils than Mask 103. Recommended for all ages, it’s an integral part of a beauty routine designed for healthy, balanced skin, refined skin texture, and a radiant complexion.

Contains 3 purifying clays
Brightens dull skin
The skin is radiant, pores are tightened
Recommended for imperfections on dry skin

For sublime relaxation, layer Nutri-Contour as an eye mask, then apply Masque 105 to face and neck and finally soak in a tube infused with Phyto-Bain.

Masque 105


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