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Yon-Ka Booster Nutri +

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Yon-Ka Booster Nutri + 40ml £55.00 Nutri + is the best booster for dry skin and all skin that is in poor condition!
A real SOS treatment, this energising oil, full of vitamins E and F, nourishes and revitalises skin that has been badly damaged by daily aggressions (climate, fatigue, pollution, etc.). A few drops added to your day or night cream are enough to personalise your care according to your needs to bring comfort, tone and radiance to the skin.
We love its regenerating action and the invigorating aromatic scent of the 5 essential oils in Yon-Ka Quintessence.
- Sensations of discomfort, tautness
- Peeling skin
- Dull, tired skin
- Weakened skin (sun, cold, treatments)

In the morning and/or evening, mix 1 or 2 pumps of your preferred booster into your normal moisturizer and apply to the face and neck.

Booster Nutri +


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