Yon-Ka Anti-Aging -  Stimulastine Jour

yonka stimulastine jour

Yon-Ka Stimulastine Jour (Discontinued)

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Yon-Ka Stimulastine Jour 50 ml Anti-wrinkle and deep restructuring breakthrough.

Thanks to the dill, capable of regenerating the functionality and quality of the elastin network, this smooth and comforting cream reinforces the skin's structure.

Up to -64% wrinkles: *Clinical test of Stimulastine Jour + Stimulastine Nuit on 22 women, over 8 weeks: A 3D result on the wrinkles

92% of natural ingredients Paraben free
Dill: anti-wrinkles - elastin booster
Yeast extract, soy peptides: restructuring
Shea butter, camelia oil, cereal germ oil: repairing - protecting
Plant glycerin, grape seed oil: hydrating - reconstructing
Vitamins E, C, A: anti-oxidants - regenerating
Essential oils of geranium, lavender, neroli and jasmine - relaxing

Mature skin, deep wrinkles Day
After cleansing and spraying with LOTION YON-KA, apply STIMULASTINE JOUR to the neck and face in the morning and STIMULASTINE NUIT in the evening.
surface of wrinkles -64%*
average wrinkle depth: up to -28%
Ex-vivo test of Stimulastine Jour on skin explants: An anti-wrinkle, anti-elastase function - Stimulastine Jour fights the degradation of elastin fibers and preserves the elasticity of the skin.
In-vitro tests performed on dill extract and yeast extract contained in Stimulastine Nuit: An anti-wrinkle, elastin booster function - The dill extract in Stimulastine Nuit regenerates the functioning and quality of the elastin. The yeast extract present in Stimulastine Nuit improves the creation of elastin.

Usage test on 21 women, 4 weeks Stimulastine Jour + Stimulastine Nuit:
The skin is nourished: 100%
The skin is smoother:
• Stimulastine Jour: 76%
• Stimulastine Nuit: 81%The skin is more hydrated: 95%

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