Yon-Ka Vitality Kit

yonka vitality kit

Yon-Ka Vitality Kit

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Yon-Ka Vitality Kit £29.90
Your Yon-Ka expert home regimen : 3 quick & easy “must-do” to help balance normal to oily skins and bring back their natural glow, softness and vitality.

Gel Nettoyant - (75 ml)
Lotion Yon-Ka PNG - (50ml)
Vital Defense - (15 ml)


Step 1::Gel Nettoyant

It cleanses and removes make-up from face, eyelids and eyelashes, purifies and revives the skin.  
In the morning and evening. apply the gel with fingertips, using circular motions on the face and neck. For eyes and lips, remove the milk using a damp cotton ball. Rinse with water and dry without rubbing.

Step 2::Lotion Yon-Ka
A true phyto-aromatic fountain of beauty, tones and purifies the skin, the energizing effects of its essential oils can be felt throughout the whole body.
Spray on Lotion Yon-Ka.  Massage in any excess with the effleurage and tapping techniques.

Step 3::Vital Defense
Specially formulated to fight the damaging environmental factors that cause oxidative stress- such as pollution, smoking and exposure to UV rays, this intensely hydrating cream helps the skin to preserve its youthfulness.
In the morning apply the cream to the face and neck.